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My name is Emily Supple. I am a junior in chemical engineering.
I chose this major because my father is a chemist. He works at the
Shearon Harris powerplant as a nuclear chemist. I have always
found his job to be fascinating and exciting even though I had no
idea what his job even consisted of. His job was my inspiration to
educate myself in chemistry.

My favorite thing to do outside of school and work is cooking
I don't get to cook often, but when I do I love most to make
homemade macaroni and cheese. Whisk together flour and butter;
add in a few cups of milk; whisk until thick; add cheese of
your choice; pour over noodles and bake with bread crumbs on
top or crushed up crackers. It's awesome!

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  1. Stretch dough into pizza crust shape.
  2. Apply barbecue sauce.
  3. Put on some cheese.
  4. Add some chicken, pineapple, and bacon.
  5. Bake until done, and enjoy!
CH 221 B
CH 222 A
E 115 S
EC 205 A
Mac and Cheese