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My name is Ethan Williams. I am a freshman currently in First Year College. I am not exactly positive what I want to major in. However, I am currently working toward becoming a mechanical or civil engineer. I enjoy math, problem solving, and building things. These careers seem to offer what I am looking for.

My favorite hobby is riding dirt bikes.I love going fast, jumping through the air, and pushing myself to go faster. It is so much fun to ride different terrains and areas. I get this sense of freedom that is hard to match with anything else. It is very exhilarating to do 50 mph through the woods or go to the track and sail 60 feet through the air. It is one heck of an adrenaline rush.It is also a great way to meet many new and interesting people who all enjoy the same thing as I do.



How to Make My Favorite Sandwich

  1. One Piece of White Bread
  2. Add One Piece of Ham
  3. Add One Piece of Lettuce
  4. Add a Slice of Tomato
  5. Apply Mayonnaise to a Different Piece of Bread
  6. Top of With That Piece

    1. Class Expected Grade
      USC 102 A
      ENG 101 B
      CH 101 C