My name is Emily Duckett and my major is English with a concentration in Language, Writing, and Rhetoric. I chose this major because I was interested in learning about how language is used. However, I have also decided that I'm really interested in computers and computer programming, so I've decided to minor in Computer Science (which is why I'm taking E115). I don't have much experience with programming before this semester, but it is amazing to me how simple seemingly complicated things are once they are broken down into simple parts.

One "hobby" I have is tea. I really enjoy trying different kinds of loose leaf tea, especially green tea, and putting in the effort to make sure it is steeped at the correct temperature with the right amount of water for the perfect cup. In addition to tea, I also really like coffee. Something about warm beverages is really satisfying.

thought catalog

Here is my (outdated) resume.

How to Order Pizza

  1. Call Pizza Place
  2. Describe desired pizza
  3. Wait
  4. Greet Pizza Man
  5. Pay Pizza Man
  6. Eat Pizza

Class Anticipated Grade
E115 Pass
CSC116 A
FLF201 A
ENG210 A
ENG382 A
ENG376 A