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About me:

My major is electrical engineering with an emphasis on healthcare. I attend the University of North Carolina State and I plan to graduate in 2018.

My Plans:

I say that this degree choose me, I did not choose it, well not at first. My first degree is Nursing and I built a great professional network and career around it. Throughout my journey as a nurse I kept being pulled to the side of nursing that involved engineering and problem solving. I was fascinated by the equipment, devices, and software and how it worked and why it worked. At some point as a nurse I also felt not quite complete, I loved my job and helping others but I just felt like I needed more. More of a challenge, more of the engineering side of healthcare. In 2015 with the help of my family and support system of friends, I stopped working as a nurse and went back to school full time to purse a degree in Electrical Engineering. I plan to combine my 14 years of medical/nursing experience and electrical engineering to bring together a better healthcare enviornment full of improvements in safety, software, hardware, devices, and electrical systems.

Class Course Title Semester
PHY 241 Physics Spring 2015
PHY 242 Physics Fall 2015
EGR 150 Solidworks Spring 2015
E 101 Intro Engineering Spring 2015
ECE 109 Intro to Logic Spring 2016