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Hello friends! My name is Emma Beard, and I am a freshman at NC State University. I am technically classified as a "first year engineering student" and have not declared a major yet, but I hope to CODA into mechanical engineering after this year. However, I am already minoring in music performance. I decided on mechanical engineering because of how versatile it is as a degree. I can go anywhere and work on anything with a mechanical engineering degree. Also, I really love fixing physical issues, so not problems involving chemistry or biology, but physics instead.

For the second paragraph, I currently work at Sweet Frog, which is a little frozen yogurt shop in Cornelius, North Carolina. This year I don't work on campus or while I'm at school, but instead work whenever I am in my home town(Cornelius). I enjoy my job because it's pretty simple, and the yogurt is so tasty! It is truly th ebest frozen yogurt I've ever eaten. I also love my job because I get to talk to people all day long. Talking to people and interacting with people is my favorite thing to do in the world, and this job pays me to do it!

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