This website innovates the conception of awesomeness! I personally have never seen something that would be close to this beauty!

My name is Estevao Augusto Leao de Andrade. I am 21 years old and I am on my junior year at NC State. I transfered from Southern Illinois University to complete my degree. I am studying Civil Engineering and I am enjoying everything about the field so far. I chose Civil Engineering because I have always been passionate with construction. Since I was a child my house would be full of legos and puzzles because constructing is definitely my favorite task ever.

I have been a swimmer since I was 4 years old. So, I guess it is pretty guessable that my favorite hobby is to swim. I actually came to the USA between of my performance inside the swimming pools. I received a full scholarship back at Southern Illinois University to represent SIU during competitions. I quit swimming last semester because of an injury on my right foot; however I still consider swimming as my favorite hobby.

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    How to order a pizza in the correct way

  1. First, you use your nice Android phone to call the pizza place. If you do not have an Android phone the iPhone is fine I guess.
  2. Then, speech clearly your order if you do not want to receive a wrong order as it usually happens.
  3. After that you that your parents credit card or if your roommate is out, borrow his/her credit card.
  4. Call your roommate saying that you think somebody ordered a pizza with his/her credit card.
  5. Eat the pizza as fast as you can before he/she figures out that the person mentioned were you, which he/she will figure out anyway.
Classes Expected Grades
E 115 S
ST 370 B
MA 242 B
CE 382 B
CSC 111 B