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Hello! My name is Emma Hagen and I am a freshman and NC State. I am currently in the college of engineering and intend to major in biomedical engineering. I hope the CODA process works out and I am put in to that major. I want to do biomedical engineering because I have always loved biology and the human body. I think medicine is so fascinating and interesting and want to make a career out of it without having to be a doctor and while still having the teamwork and problem solving aspect of engineering.

During my junior and senior years of high school, I worked at a small Italian restaurant/pizza place. I worked the counter (answering phones, taking takeout and delivery orders, running the cash register), waitressed, and delivered. I also cleaned and did some prep work. I will probably pick up some hours during winter break and possibly this summer. It's not the greatest job I could have, but I have definitely learned a lot and acquired valuable skills and friendships from working there.

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