I am Evan Heath, I am a Freshman with a Computer Science intent. The reason why I chose this major is because as a kid I thought that video games were pretty interesting and from that I decided that going into Computer Science would be good. But although I originally wanted to make video games I currently want to make apps, or program other software. Other majors that I was interested in other than Computer Science was also Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, or maybe a Business Major. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to stick with this major however because the world is going to get more technologically advanced so things in the computer world will never get stale and stop changing.

My favorite break from school will probably be the Summer Break I had between high school and college. This was my favorite break because I had the most time to simply hang out with friends, and I got to work for a while too. Over the summer my friends and I rented a house at the beach and we stayed there for a week just hanging out. A lot of the time we just chilled and would cook hamburgers or hang out on the beach with some other people that came to the beach. And before that week I got to hang out with people that lived in my neighborhood that I knew for a long time. So during my summer I basically got the chance to just say "Bye" to most of my friends that I wouldn't see until Thanksgiving break.

facebook logo One of my favorite websites..Google!
  1. First you preheat your oven to 400 F
  2. Then you knead your dough
  3. Then you do a circular toss to flatten out the pizza
  4. Next you add your cheese(s) and other toppings
  5. Finally, you put that bad boy in the oven for about 20 minutes
Class Name Grade Expected
E101 A
E115 Pass
CH101 B+
MA242 A
CH102 A+
EC201 A
E114 A
Beach Trip