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This will be a web page where I do the bare minimum as instructed, but try my best to make it perfect!

My name is Elliott Lindley. I am a freshman in the First Year College program. My plan is to do well the first couple of semesters in college, catch up on my math classes, and transfer into the engineering program. I want to be in the engineering program because everyone I know to have graduated in that field, is wealthy and successful. I hope to be wealthy and successful like them someday.

I love to play Rugby. I play as often as I can and it’s simply something I’m passionate about. I play for two teams currently. I play for a club out of my hometown, and I play for NCSU. Honestly I am so happy to be a part of both teams. The club I play for out of my hometown is the same team that both of the rugby coaches who taught me play on. I am the first player in the Clayton Bootlegger’s Rugby club to go through the high school program and become a player on their men’s team. It is a privilege to play for the club and I am very grateful for the opportunity. Along with the two coaches who taught me playing on the team, there are 5 or 6 other players on the team who played professional rugby in Europe up until a couple years ago. Aside from playing for this team, I am also lucky enough to play for NC State. It’s fun playing with State because they are just a bunch of great guys who share my passion. Playing rugby for these two teams is like having two great families to spend time with.

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Chemistry Calculus Athletic Training

This is one of my professors, he is a huge fan of rugby and used to play. My Rugby Professor

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