Welcome to my website. This site will provide you with more about me.

My name is Emily Potok and I am a sophomore at Meredith College. My major is mechanical engineering and math. I chose these majors because I would like to help people have better lives. I would like to be able to use technology to work on complex problems. I am part of the Dual-Engineering program between Meredith College and NC State University.

My favorite hobby is coaching age group swimming. I have been coaching swimming for 5 years now. I enjoy seeing the children I coach accomplish their goals. In coaching, I have seen children learn to love swimming and build live long skills. Coaching is rewarding for me in seeing what the kids can accomplish and being able to make difference in their lives.

Click on the image above to open my favorite website. ESPN Homepage

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  1. Make the dough into a circle
  2. Spread tomato sauce around the circle
  3. Put the cheese on the pizza
  4. Sprinkle black olives over the pizza
  5. Bake for 15 minutes
Course Name Expected Grade
PHY 211 A
MA 213 A
MA 250 B
Art 221 A
PHY 241 A
PED 216 P
E115 S

This is the image to describe my favorite hobby. Coach