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My names Elizabeth Ange. I'm a freshman at NCSU and I am currently studying to become a civil engineer. I choose to study engineering because I really like math and both of my parents are engineers. I choose civil because I want to work with residential houses and their design. I will hopefully concentrate in structural so I can design the structure of houses.

My favorite break from school was when I was a senior in high school. On spring break, a group of my girl friends all got a house in Cherry Grove, Myrtle Beach. The boys from my high school had a house less then 60 ft away from ours. Every high school from my county goes to the same place and its just a big party all week. It was a great time to spend together with all my high school friends since we are all separated now.

I work at a sports bar in Cary, so March Madness is always a fun time. It gets a lot more people in the restaurant and makes the place a good vibe. I like watching games and keeping up with the brackets. Its fun to see how badly everyone does on their brackets and fun to watch some of the underdog teams win. It sucks that State lost in the first round though, I am really bummed about that.

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    How To Make A Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich
  1. Get out the Bread, peanut butter, jelly, & a knife
  2. Spread peanut Butter on one slice of bread using the knife
  3. Spread jelly on the other slice of bread using the same knife
  4. Close both pieces of bread together
  5. Using the knife, cut the sandwich in half down the middle
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MA 241 CH 101 Phl 221 USC 102
A B A- A+