Efren Martinez-Gomez

Hello my name is Efren Martinez-Gomez and I am a first year student but technically a junior. My major is Applied Mathematics and I chose that major because I have always enjoyed doing and teaching mathematics. I am also interested in majoring in some engineering field like mechanical or electrical.

In the past I have taught a class before on html and webpage designing and realized that I enojoyed teaching. I realized that I would enjoy teaching even more if I would teach a subject I was more passionate about like mathematics. That's when I realized my dream job is to be a professor at a university, to teach students who are also passionate about mathematics like me.

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  1. Calculus 3
  2. Diffrential Equations
  3. Number Theory
  4. Physics
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Boxing Club https://www.facebook.com/groups/541902549260888/
SUM Club https://math.sciences.ncsu.edu/events/