Howdey Doodley

My name is Ethan Gram. I am from Denver, North Carolina. I am a freshman at N.C. State University in pusuit of my engineering degree. I am planning on majoring in Aerospace Engineering. I chose this degree path for my passion of anything that flies. Other possibilities of a major choice would be paper and pulp engineering because of its combination of elements of different aspects of engineering all combined into one.

My favorite hobby would have to be shooting guns. The discharge of a round, the recoil of the firearm and the effect on the target is an exilerating rush for me. More specifically I enjoy skeet shooting. This is when you shoot down clay targets that saucer through the sky with a shotgun. It creates more of a challenge of tracking the target and in return creates a more rewarding feeling when a target is hit.

I've been born and raised as a dog child. I got my first dog when I was in third grade. He was a two week old Boston Terrier that I named Scooter and he's still kickin till this day. I love that little guy with all I have. Over the years hes grown bling in his right eye but he's still hyper as he was when he was a little two year old. Being in college makes me miss him dearly.

Proceed to Movies
  1. 1) Pick up phone
  2. 2) Call Pizza Hut
  3. 3) Order a Dinner Box with pepporoni pizza + teryaki wings- Have delivered
  4. 4) Answer door when doorbell fires
  5. 5) Enjoy

Class Expected Grade
CH-101 92
MA-141 92
ENG-101 92