Welcome to my second web page!

My name is Eric Michael Hood II. I am a transfer student from Craven Community College. I am currently a junior within the chemical engineering department here at state. My reason for choosing the major is a love for chemistry as well as an interest in math and physics. These three things accompanied by a mentor who is a retired chemical engineer brought me to were I am today.

My favourite hobby would have to be playing tournament paintball. I have played for about four years now and am currently playing for the NCSU paintball team as a club sport. I enjoy it for the fast paced very physical nature of it. As well as the great community that surrounds paintball. I both play and watch tournament paintball any time I get the chance. I have also developed some of the best friendships I have today from teammates and people met through paintball.

PBnation pbnation
  1. Go to Marios Pizza
  2. Order a large pizza
  3. Ask for pepperoni
  4. Ask for extra sauce
  5. Enjoy!

Class Name Expected Grade
E-201 A
Chem-E 205 C
MAT-241 A