About Me

My name is Erik Lyons. I am a Freshman at NC State. I am going into Computer Science next semester. I am interested in Computer Science because I enjoy coding for things. I hope to work in either sports simulations or in cyber security. I love sports and coding, but I also think cyber security would be an interesting field to work in.

My favorite hobby is probably shooting basketball. I was the point guard for my school. I just really enjoyed the sport. I enjoy playing pick-up games any chance I get, or just going to the gym and taking a couple of shots. Playing basketball also helps keep me in shape and burns off that potential freshman 15.

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  1. Buy eggs, white bread, Hunt's ketchup, and Kraft mayonnaise from any store;
  2. Scramble up 2 eggs and cook them to your liking;
  3. Put ketchup on one piece of bread and mayonnaise on the other piece;
  4. Place scrambled egg on the piece of bread with mayonnaise;
  5. Place the piece of bread with ketchup on top of the egg;
  6. Chow down and enjoy.
Class Name Expected Grade
PY 205 B
MA 241 A
ENG 101 A
E 101 A