Ellen O'Brien

Major of Interest

My name is Ellen O'Brien, I hail from Apex, North Carolina, and my major of interest is NUCLEAR ENGINEERING!!!! I know I don't look like it (I've been told I look like I belong in design school), BUT I love math. Like so much that I could do it all day long. Unless I don't understand something. Then I just get angry and avoid the stuff I don't understand like the plague (probably a bad idea). So yes, that is why I chose my major. I also went to a Nuclear Engineering camp two summers ago, and that got me hooked. I'm not sure if I want to do research yet, though. Being stuck in a lab all day doesn't sound like my idea of fun...

Christmas!...being my favorite break


Besides the fact that Christmas is awesome and everything related to Christmas (mainly the food) smells amazing, I also appreciate the fact that it is a ridiculously long break. Anddd you have no classes to worry about. Even if exams kicked you butt, at least they're over with. And now you get to stuff your face with pumpking pie and Christmas cookies. That's my favorite part. Christmas is when you can be a fattie and it is perfectly ok. Then New Years rolls around...and those resolutions start looming. Also, the presents. I acutally make word documents with my Christmas lists, links and all. I even have the things I want organized into item type. Pathetic, and slightly bizarre? Yes, but it ensures that I get something I want for Christmas. Because you have no idea how terrible my father is at picking out gifts. (He bought me a pocket knife one year....)

How to make my FAVORITE Sandwich with Marshmallows, Peanutbutter, and Bananas!

  1. Take two pieces of bread(preferrably not the crappy wonderbread kind)
  2. Spread a thick layer of Peanut Butter on one piece of bread
  3. Cake marshmallow fluff onto the other piece of bread (the more the better)
  4. Slice up a banana and place pieces on the bread with the peanut butter...or the marshmallow fluff
  5. Put the two pieces of bread together (so that everything is on the INSIDE of the sandwich) and EAT

Five Favorite Chemical Compounds!

Formula Compound Name Class
NaCl Sodium Chloride ionic
H2SO4 Sulfuric Acid Acid
CH3COOH Acetic Acid Acid
NH3 Ammonia Base
N20 Nitrous Oxide Oxide