Welcome to my E115 Home Page!

My name is Elizabeth Underkoffler, I am a freshman, and my major is Engineering. Within engineering, I plan on doing Industrial. I came into NC State as a Biomedical Intent; however, I decided that that subsection was not all that interesting to me. I plan on doing Industrial Engineering because this discipline deals more with the process and quality control and processing, which is more appealing to me, and deals more with organization and the overall design. These pieces of Industrial are also skills that I tend to be stronger in and enjoy. In addition, Industrial provides me with more options career-wise and is more open-ended.

My favorite hobby is swimming. I am a part of the Swimming and Diving Team here at NC State. This involves practicing 6 days a week, with early morning practices and an additional practice in the afternoon. My favorite stroke is breaststroke, and this is also the one that I am the best at. While getting up every morning can be challenging, I love the feeling of completing a good practice while most of the rest of campus is asleep.

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    How to Make Hawaiian Pizza
  1. Roll the dough.
  2. Spread sauce on top.
  3. Sprinkle cheese over the sauce.
  4. Place ham and pineapple on pizza.
  5. Bake pizza and eat!
Class Grade
E115 S
CH101 A+
E101 A