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Hello, my name is Eli van Zanten. I am a freshman at North Carolina State University. I am currently a first year engineering students and intend to double major in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. I choose both majors because I have a strong intrest in physics and mechanics, yet I find computer coding a very interesting and fun. Furthermore, the majors coinside to both industries, which will allow many more job opportunities.

I currently work at The Car Wash Lodge in Morrisville, North Carolina. My job entails many things ranging from selling washes, washing cars, and detailing the inside of cars. We sell exterior car washes ranging from 6 dollars to 22 dollars and interior details ranging from 25 dollars to 75 dollars. I take pride in the fact that all customers are satisfied with our service and always help if they have any problems. In conclusion, I enjoy my job at the car wash working outside and interacting with people.

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