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Hello! My name is Emily Waite, and I am a freshman in biomedical engineering. I have chosen biomedical engineering as my major becasue I want to use my undergraduate degree to go to dental school. I want to be an Orthodontist when I finish my schooling. I believe that pursuing a biomedical engineering degree from NCSU will make me a very competative candidate for graduate school. This degree will also force me to study hard, and provide me with some of the knowledge to do my future job.

For the last four years of high school I babysat for my neighbors. I have come to love the boys that I babysit for. I have tutored them, tucked them into bed at night, and watched them grow up. Babysiting has taught me to be patient, understanding, and logical. I have learned how to create compromises and settle disputes, teaching me the values of teamwork.

Four of the Most Interesting Classes:

  1. Calculus 141
  2. Calculus 241
  3. Chemistry 101
  4. Engineering 101

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