An Introduction

Hello there, I am Elizabeth Nicole Wiswall, freshman at North Carolina State University and creator of this humble webpage. My current major at said establishment is Aerospace Engineering, due in part to its singularly fantastic position in most any alphabetized list. After a brief sojourn to a Floridian Space Camp in my youth, I found myself fascinated by the idea and execution of flight. Much like the Daedalus of myth, I built a number of impressive looking flying contraptions which proved woefully limited once airborne; afterward, I determined that some education was necessary for such pursuits.

Now, I know many people with nothing better to do are nearly crippled with anxiety over Hillsborough's Halloween festivities, specifically how they compare to those on Franklin Street. Fear not, obsessive worriers, for I have a suggestion that will cause our rival street to hang it's proverbial head in shame. Everyone knows that if you want to draw a large crowd to any event you're going to need either free food or free stuff. I would humbly suggest that we kill two birds with one stone, as it were: we should combine the excitement of free food with the sheer joy of unexpected stuff by filling fake baked goods with prizes. Imagine the thrill of biting into a free pie, only to find that it is a) not a pie, and b) contains an energetic, yapping puppy for which you are now responsible! Awesome!

If, perchance, you feel the burning need to contact me, there are a couple of ways you could go about it. You could look me up on Facebook or email me at enwiswal@ncsu.edu.

If you are interested in learning about the "most informative and practical class ever," then simply click on this delightful picture link: E115 Logo

Lists, Stats, and Pictures

And now, a series of unrelated pieces of information

Top Five Best College Football Teams Ever

  1. NC State Wolfpack
  2. Webster University Gorlocks
  3. Wayland Baptist University Flying Queens
  4. Southern Arkansas University Muleriders
  5. Grays Harbor College Chokers

Table of Expected Grades

ClassExpected Grade
PSY 311: Social PsychologyA
E 115: Computing EnvironmentsS
PY 205: Physics Engr. Sci. I A+
PE 230: PilatesA
MA 241: Calculus IIA-
USC 102A: Intro to Univ. EDA
PY 205M: Physics Engr. I M/IA

Finally, for your viewing pleasure, a genuine portrait of a "Gorlock." Enjoy!

A Gorlock, apparently