Hello my name is Emmanuel Amu. I am a first year engineering student with Biomedical Engineering as my intent. I chose this major because I aspire to become a doctor but I did not want to just use a pre-med track to get there. I felt that engineering and medicine are two great combinations and are optimal for the advancement of medicine. I also am extremely excited by the findings that are coming up in BME. I would love to some day be apart of those mix of scientist, physicians, and engineers that innovate medicine.

My favorite hobby would have to be exercising. The only reason that it is my favorite hobby is because I dont think Netflixing is a hobby. Even though others may beg to differ. I like working out because it really is a stress reliever. It also helps me clear my head for the day ahead. I usually prefer calisthenics and weight lifting because I'm not really into running. I hate the getting the feeling that my chest is going to rip itself out of my rib cage.
If you would like to hire me for anything...anything at all press here .
How to order bacon and Italian sausage pizza:
  1. Call a pizza place, preferably Papa Johns cause their pizza is banging
  2. Request that they make you a fresh and hot pizza with the toppings of bacon and Italian sausage use an Italian accent thusly they'll know you're foreal about this pizza
  3. Give them you're credit card info unless you're paying with cash
  4. Wait....then wait some more...ok thats enough waiting
  5. Answer your door and greet the delivery boy...don't forget the accent
  6. Pay if you haven't already then grab your pizza
  7. ENJOY :)

guy working out
Class Projected Grade
ENG 101 A
CH 101 B
E115 P