Evan's Homework 5a

Hello, my name is Evan Arnold. I am a freshman at NC State University in the College of Engineering. I have not yet declared a specific engineering major. I wish to go into the field of engineering because I have always enjoyed math and science classes. Specifically, I both liked and excelled at calculus and physics, which makes me lean towards aerospace engineering.

By far my favorite time of year, and similarly my favorite break from school, is winter. I love the cold weather, which often leads to snow. Snow skiing is by far my favorite thing to do during the winter. I also greatly enjoy the opportunity to see all of my family during the holiday season that I see rarely at other times during the year. Another huge plus to this time of the year is the Christmas decorations. Since a young age I have loved to drive down the streets of my neighborhood and observe all the magnificent displays of lights.

Snow Skiing
My Second Favorite Website

My Favorite Sandwich

  1. Piece of Bread
  2. Mustard
  3. Honey Baked Ham
  4. Turkey
  5. American Cheese
  6. Lettuce
  7. Second Piece of Bread

My First Semester Grades
ENG 101 MA 242 CH 101 CH 102 E 101 E 115
B+ A A A+ A+ S