About Me!!

Hello! My name is Evan Elezaj. I am currently a freshman at North Carolina State University and intend on pursuing a dual major in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I decided on these majors because I have always had an interested in computers and electronics. In my spare time, I like to tinker with electronics and persue small personal projects. One of the most influential activities I took part of would be joining my high school's robotics team, which introduced me to a team-oriented engieering environment.

Although I have never had a job before, my dream job would be to work for a large technology company. Ideally, I would work in a research and development team, working with a team to design new and amazing new technologies. Maybe one day, one the technological advances that I work on will make the lives of countless people much better and easier.

photo of Evan Elezaj

Most Interesting Classes

  1. CH 101
  2. CH 102
  3. MA 241
  4. E 115
Clubs Hyperlink
High Powered Rocketry Club link
Underwater Robotics Club link