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College Education

I intend to major in Biomedical Engineering at North Carolina State University. My anticipated graudation date is May 2020.

Biomedical Engineering

The reason why I chose Biomedical Engineering is because I want to utilize my interest in engineering with my love for helping others. In high school I was able to enroll in a cluster of Engineering classes really sparked my interst in being an Engineer when I graduated college. Throughout middle and high school I devoted a lot of my free time to volunteering at local non-profit organizations in my community as well as coaching a youth recretional soccer team for two years in high school. I have also been on eight mission trips (two international and six in the U.S.) where my love for helping others has grown even more. My combining the two, I can have a career that I enjoy and love to do.

Skills & Qualities

Relevant Course Work

CH 221 Organic Chemistry 1 Spring 2017
CH 222 Organic Chemistry 1 Lab Spring 2017
BIO 183 Intro Bio Cell/Mol Fall 2017
BME 201 Comp Meth BME Fall 2017
BME 203 Mat Sci of Biomat Spring 2018