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Hello! My name is Elizabeth Blenk, I am a freshman interested in Aerospace engineering. Engineering has always interested me from a very young age. My dad is a mechanical engineer and I believe that my interest began there. I chose areospace becasue of my interest in sailing. I have participated in a summer sailing camp for seven years, and I have taught this same camp for two years. With aerospace engineering I hope to understand the fluid dynamics behind the sails, and hopefully find a job dealing boats.

Like mentoined above, my favorite hobby is sailing. I am on the sailing team here at NC State. This weekend I will be traveling with the sailing team to compete in our conference Championship in Charleston, NC. My goal for this event is to score in the top half of the 18 teams that will be there.

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English A
Calculus 241 C+
Chemistry 101 B
Sailing-This is me