The Evan Imlay

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The Future of My Education

My name is Evan Imlay and my intended major is Mechanical Engineering. I am enrolled at North Carolina State University and plan to graduate in 2020. I hope that the prestige and intense engineering program at NCState will set me up for success in my future career. I do not know exactly what i want to do, but I want it to be fun and exciting. Thank you for listening to my interesting story.

My Future Career and Why I Chose Engineering

I chose Mechanical Engineering because I have always been fascinated with building things. Ever since I was little, I loved taking things apart to find out how they worked. I also loved building things out of various materials such as legos and cardboard. I hope that a career in Mechanical Engineering will lead to opportunities in the amusement park industry. I would love to design rides and tell stories on an extremely immersive and intense level. While that would be my dream job, I could settle for other less exciting positions if it meant I could live a financially stable life.

Class Course Title Semester
E101 Intro to Engineering Fall 2016
E115 Introduction to Computing Environments Fall 2016
PY205 Physics For Engineers and Scientists I Fall 2016
CSC113 Introduction to Comp MATLAB Spring 2016
GC120 Foundations of Graphics Spring 2016