Welcome! I'm Ethan and this is a little bit about me.

My name is Ethan Thompson. I'm a freshman at NC State (GO PACK!!) and I am planning to major in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) and Computer Science. I decided to become an engineer because I want to build machines that help make our day-to-day lives easier, i.e. autonomous robotics. Autonomous robots require an extensive knowledge of computer hardware and software to understand, much less build. So it follows that I decided to major in ECE and Computer Science.

With this major, hopefully I can achieve what I believe to be my ideal job: overseeing, advising, and managing an engineering firm that produces autonomous robots. I do not have a particular company in mind, but I am sure I will at the end of this 4-5 year road (or maybe longer if I decide to master in Robotics at Carnegie Melon). A managerial position at a popular, streamlined, cutting-edge engineering firm would offer financial success as well as job security (a friend told me just the other day that society will always need engineers). With enough hard work and diligence, I can achieve this goal.

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  1. Introduction to Computing Systems
  2. Programming Concepts - Java
  3. Calculus III
  4. Design of Complex Digital Systems
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