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My name is Emily Rudasill and I am a junior majoring in Environmental Engineering. I transfered to NC State from UNC Wilmington in order to pursue this major. I chose environmental engineering because I want to work in water resources and water development projects. In the future I hope to work in developing or impoverished areas to expand access to safe and clean water.

The first job I ever had was working in a greenhouse complex right down the road from my house. I started out working in the wholesale area where all the plants are grown. There were times when I absolutely hated it, but once I moved to the retail area where customers came to shop, I looked forward to times when I could go back to the wholesale greenhouses because all the flowers were so beautiful and the air smelled of humid dirt. I worked at this job for 5 year. The people I worked with became my family and instilled in me a serious love of plants and dirt.

  1. Environmental Policy
  2. Islamic Society and Politics
  3. Computer Programming: Data Structures
  4. Women in Literature
  5. Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering

    1. Name of Club Club Website
      Engineers Without Borders EWB
      Women in Science and Engineering WISE