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Hello, my name is Eileen Rui. I am currently a first-year engineering student with chemical intent. I chose my major because I really enjoy chemistry and hope to work in research and development in medicine, food or makeup. While I have yet to CODA into my department, I am also considering other engineering departments such as materials science.

My first job is being a student at NC State University. When I am at home, I have a seasonal job in two different gyms working in kids care. My dream job is to work for the Center for Disease Control, working in research and development of new medicines or working with diseases.

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  1. HON202- Creative Non-Fiction
  2. HON344- Kantian Ethics
  3. CH101- Chemistry A Molecular Science
  4. HESA214- Beginning Swimming
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Society of Women Engineers NCSU SWE
American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE NCSU