Edgar Woode

My name is Edgar Woode, I'm technically a junior, and my major is currently psychology. I'm in the process of coding into Computer Science. I chose Computer Science for a few reasons. First, I think what can be done with programming is fun and enjoyable. Secondly, I like what engineering is about, problem-solving and innovation. Lastly, I'd like to work in the video game industry and use Computer Science there.

My favorite hobby is playing soccer. I've played soccer for about 10 years. I'm very into the soccer world as well. I like that soccer is a sport that bypasses culture, and economic status. I've met my best friends through soccer too. Also soccer makes for a great way to keep in shape.

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I don't have any of the papers I've written anymore as I've reformatted my computer a few times.

  1. Call the pizza shop
  2. Ask for a large pizza
  3. Ask for toppings
  4. Make payment
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