Welcome to a page all about me, Emily Barefoot!

My name is Emily Barefoot, and I am a freshman in the Engineering Program at NC State! I want to pursue Chemical Engineering. I chose this major because I love chemistry, and I want to eventually work in pharmacueticals so I can engineer better medicines.

Currently I do not have a job, but I previously worked at Russwood Library Furniture underneath the Vice President of the company, and I even was able to shadow some of the design engineers at the company! My dream job would be to work for Novartis Pharmaceuticals so I can engineer better medicines, one of the Grand Challenges of Engineering! I think it would be so cool to work alongside chemists to create medicines that are more effective, available, and more personalized.

A Picture of Me
  1. HESF 112- Fitness Kickboxing
  2. GN 311- Principles of Genetics
  3. HON 353- Code Breakers: Unlocking the Mysteries of One Human Language
  4. HI 364- History of North Carolina
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