Welcome to my webpage!!!

My name is Elizabeth Braswell. I am a freshman here at NC State. I am in First Year College right now, but plan to CODA into Civil Engineering by the end of the semester. At first, I did not know which engineering I was going to go into, but I quickly learned that I hated chemistry, so that eliminated chemical and biomedical. I also learned that I was not interested in mechanical or structural engineering. I did like civil engineering. I chose civil engineering because I want to be on the design side of things, like where something goes and how it is going to look.

My favorite animal is the turtle. During spring break last year, I went to Maui, Hawaii and had a bonding experience in the water with a giant sea turtle. I was snorkeling, trying to take underwater pictures (which did not turn out very well). I was floating in the water, thinking I was by myself when a turtle appeared out of nowhere! It scared me and I freaked out and swam to shore, but I never forgot that turtle and I know he never forgot me. I never did get a good picture of one.

Link to CBS.com!

How to make a pizza!
  1. Gather ingredients
  2. Roll out the dough
  3. Put ingredients on pizza however desired
  4. Cook for long enough for it to cook, but do not burn it like I do
Course Name Expected Grade
MA 242 A
HESF 105 P
PY 205 B