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This is the site of Emilyann Howell's professional resume. It is here that I wish to communicate my academic and personal achievements.

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My intended major is Paper Science Engineering along with a dual degree in Chemical Engineering. I also intend to add a minor in Environmental Sciences. I attend North Carolina State University. I intend to graduate in December of 2020.


I chose the dual majors of Paper Science Engineering and Chemical Engineering, because it allows me to work in a broader field since I can couple the very practical degree of Paper Engineering with the often more theoretical degree of Chemical Engineering. This would allow me to work in many different areas of the Engineering field. I intend to work for either a chemical company, paper company, or an environmental company.

Relevant Qualities and Skills

Class Course Title Semester
Chemistry 101 Ch 101 Fall 2016
Paper Science Leadership and Development PSE 295 Fall 2016
Pulp and Paper Technology PSE 201 Spring 2017
Organic Chem I Ch 221 Fall 2017
Chemical Engineering Analysis CHE 225 Spring 2018