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Hello Internet! My name is Eric Li. I am a freshman majoring in Electrical Engineering at NC State University. The reason I chose this major is because when I was in high school, I took some introductory engineering classes and I found out that I really liked this field. I also had the opportunity to visit FEDD with my high school every year, and I really liked what I saw at NC State.

One of the most interesting jobs I had was a an intern at the Town Hall of Chapel Hill. My work was split between the Human Resources Department and the Public Works Department. At HR, I did a lot, a lot of filing for the most part, but occasionally I got to go to interviews to assist and observe, which was such an eye-opening experience to see what it is like to be a professional. At PW, I got to observe safety(fire) inspections and occasionally review and check design plans sent to the department.

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  1. Introduction to Computing Environments (yes I'm serious)
  2. Modern American History
  3. Anthropology
  4. Embedded Systems
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