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Hello! My name is Evan Roe and this is my first year at NC State as a freshman. Currently I am majoring in Engineering, but I haven't decided on what field I want to go into yet. The path that I am considering the most strongly is Material Science and Engineering, but I have gone to the Career Development Center for advice so this could change.

I have never had a job before, and I don't know if I will be searching for one during college, but I won't rule out the possibility that I may get one. Since I haven't decided on a final major I'm not really sure what my dream job is. To me a dream job would be a job that I enjoy and that I feel like is making an impact in someone's life.

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My Favorite Classes:

  1. EC 201:Priciples of Economics
  2. CH 111:Prepatory Chemistry
  3. E 115:Intro to Computing Environments
  4. ES 200: Climate Change and Sustainability

Interesting NCSU Clubs

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