Erin Lisi's Resume'

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I currently attend North Carolina State University, with an intended major of Mechanical Engineering, with a double minor in Theatre and Technology, Engineering, and Design Education. My anticipated graduation date is May, 2019.

Professional Intent

With my major, I intend to go into 'making the world a better place.' I'm not quite sure how I want to do this yet. I've got it narrowed down to three fields. One; to spend time teaching America's Youth about Technology, Engineering, and Design. The second is to spend time working to get technology in third world countries, specifically in water pumping technologies. The third is to work in renewable energy sources, specifically ones in hydro-power.

Class Course Title Semester
MAE 200 Introduction to ME Design Spring 2017
MAE 208 Engineering Dynamics Spring 2017
MAE 214 Solid Mechanics Spring 2017
MAE 315 Dynamics of Machines Fall 2018
MAE 416 ME Senior Design Spring 2019