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I am Edward William Kalaf, a Freshman majoring in engineering undeclared with aerospace intent. I chose aerospace engineering because I have been interested in flight all of my life. Since the aerospace industry is still relatively young, I feel like there are a good amount of discoveries to be made in the future. Planes can become faster, cheaper to produce, and much more efficient, as they have been over the past hundred and twelve years. I also hope to attain a pilot license some day when I have the money and it would be even cooler to know how the plane works, why is is designed how it is, and how to improve the flight characteristics of the craft..

My favorite hobby is playing paintball. I was the President of my high school's paintball club, so I use to advocate for the club to many of the school administrators. Paintball is fun because it emphasizes teamwork, strategy, and planning. Contrary to popular belief, this means that complex thought and tactics are the most important factor of winning a game of paintball. In fact, it can be thought of as a game of chess where the pieces are really different people posessing different skill levels and talents, and their positioning is much more difficult than simply picking up a piece and moving it. Learning these skills is advantageous because they are transferable to other hobbies, games, and careers.

Wolframalpha My Resume
  1. obtain two slices of white bread.
  2. open peanut butter jar.
  3. open grape jelly jar.
  4. Give up.
  5. Ask Mom to make it for me instead.
Name fo course Expected grade
Ma241 A-
Py205 A
Hon 296 A+
Tippmann A5