Welcome to my Homework Assignment

My name is Eric McAllister and this is my first year at NCSU. I am an incoming freshman and really excited about the years to come. My current intented major is Computer Science. The reason why I chose this major was because I have always had an interest in computer science and math. This interest erupted into a passion and that is why I want to major in computer science.

In my free time I enjoy watching classic movies, going skating, hanging out with my friends, reading books especially about philosophy, debating, and just learning new things in general. In high school I was apart of the quiz bowl team and hope to join something similar here or try something new like martial arts. I was born and raised here in North Carolina in Fayetteville near Ft. Bragg (the biggest military base in the world).

In my 11th grade year I got a job at Chick-fil-A. The Chick-fil-A in my city was the always really busy. We actually broke the Chick-fil-A record for most cars served in an hour(I was working fries that day too). The pay was alright and the work in the beginning was really fun; my favorite part was the free food it made the work worth it. However after they became more strict on the rules and fired some of my favorite managers, I quit. It was a good 9 month run however.

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Email English Paper
  1. Computer Programming: Python
  2. Computer Programming: Java (to be taken)
  3. Japanese Language Studies (to be taken)
  4. Philosophy 101 - Critical Thinking
Name Major
Joshua Schmidt Nutritional Science
Alan Daville Material Science