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Hello! My name is Erica Sung, and I am a freshman currently on the path for Biomedical Engineering; however, I am considering on switching to double major with Biology and Statistics. I was originally interested in pursuing a field in medicine for my love of helping others, and I was also fascinated by the ever evolving technology that surrounds us, so I figured Biomedical was the right choice for me. Although, after much reconsideration, I found that I can pursue the same interests with a degree in Biology, and this allows me more flexibility and options. I am also considering Statistics because it is an up and coming field that has a very good growth rate, and is a job field that is needed in almost every company.

The closest thing that I've had to a job was a research internship that I worked on over the summer of my junior year into my senior year with NCSSM's mentorship program. I practiced sterile lab technique as I learned how to conduct research, work with samples, and edit data and statistics. However, my dream job would to be able to work with prosthetics or some of the new developing technology that is revolutionizing the medical field such as organ printers. Otherwise, I would probably want to pursue research in a topic that I'm interested in that will potentially help others in the future.

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  1. Goodnight Seminar
  2. Calculus 1
  3. Chemistry
  4. Orchestra

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