All You Need To Know About Evan

My name is Evan Zemaitis. I am a Freshman in Civil Engineering. I chose this major because I thought the field was interesting, and land surveying looks pretty fun. My father was also an engineer as well as his father before him. I learned engineering stuff from them growing up, so it just happened to work out.

My favorite hobby is playing music. I play various instruments including bass, guitar, and ukelele. I was in three bands and played various shows in Charlotte, Chapel Hill, and Raleigh. It is something that I have enjoyed doing for a while now.

Funny Junk My Resume
  1. Get bread out
  2. Spread mayo on bread
  3. Add lettuce, cheese, ham, turkey, oil and vinegar, and spices
  4. Place top piece of bread on the sandwich
Spring Classes Expected Grade
MA241 B
ENG 101 A
PY 205 B+
PY 206 A+
E115 S