Welcome to My Page

My name is Faisal Karim. I am a chemical engineering intended. The reason I chose to go in such field initiated by my first extracurricular activity. It was at summer camp where professors would demonstrate some of their work to the youth. Then, the students are given a chance to integrate with the topic. What was intriguing the most is how certain bonds accumulate to form colorful materials with taking in consideration the cost of production.

My favorite hobby is one that I recently started to learn. That is playing the piano. I enjoy my time playing the piano because it is a way to connect to hearts without verbal chords. Instead, I can deliver an emotional message without saying a word. It is also an activity to have time for reflection.


How to make my Chipotle meal:
  1. Visit the nearest chipotle
  2. wait attentively in the long
  3. Kindly ask the employer for a burrito with brown rice
  4. Always get the fajita and double meat
  5. Stay away from cheese and sour cream, it'll make you fat

Course Number Course Grade
CH 101 A+
E115 S
PE237 S
MA141 B+
E101 A+

 Yiruma playing a grand piano