Flavio Leon's Resume

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I am currently in the process of completing my bachelors degree in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering at North Carolina State University. I am expected to graduate May 2020, however this may vary due to time spent studying abroad and in Co-ops.

Future Plans

I personally chose Biomedical Engineering because I have always found that engineering better body parts and instruments that can be used to save someone's life fascinating. I chose Chemical Engineering because of my interest in the chemical rections between materials. I expect to find a stable and very well paying job that will eventually fund my graduate degree, and to design products that will create a significant impact in the world.


Class Course Title Semester
CH 101 Chemistry "A Molecular Science" Fall 2016
MA 111 Precalculus Algebra and Trigonometry Fall 2016
E 101 Introduction to Engineering and Problem Solving Fall 2016
MA 141 Calculus I Spring 2017
ENG 101 Academic Writing and Research Spring 2017