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My name is Francis Scotland Jr. I am an transfer student presuing a degree in electrical engineering, I am projected to graduating in spring 2020. I wanted to be an engineer because I've always like working with eletronics. I enjoy electrical engineering because I want to specialize in inbedded systems. I want to understand more about robtics in addtion to, learning more about computer programming. Electrical engineering caught my attention because I am good at thinking about electric problems.

I have had two jobs since I started working. The first was dish washing. I was fifteen when I first started the job. For a first job it was "okay", it was something I didnt want to do my whole life however. I worked everyday, aboout 20 hours a week. The money, at that age was really good, I was able to buy whatever I wanted. I even bought my first car.

Interesting Classes I've Taken

  1. Calculus 3
  2. American Lit 2
  3. Visual Basics
  4. Physics 2

Club Website
NCSU IEEE ewh.ieee.org/sb/nc/ncsu/
Benjamin Franklin Scholars ids.chass.ncsu.edu/dual/franklin.php