Something Cool Like... Uhh... ICE

Hello, my name Forster Amatori. The year I am set to graduate in is 2018, but if all goes well I may be able to in 2017. My intent major is computer science. I choose computer science since it fascinated me when I was younger. I always wanted to learn to make programs that could do anything. With computer science I can.

My favorite hobby is a program called Blender. Blender is a 3d modeling and simulation program that can do almost anything. Along with Blender I make videos. The videos I make are special effect videos that require 3d elements which I model, simulate, and composite in Blender. Blender doesn't have the best user interface, but once you learn it it is very powerful. Blender is really awesome you should learn and preach it! BLENDER FOR LIFE!!!

Blender Icon Download Blender test builds here
  1. Get bread
  2. Find out that you don't have ingredients since your in college
  3. Consider ordering Jimmy Johns
  4. Realize you have no money since you are in college
  5. Eat loaf of bread... plain
Course Name Expected Grade
CSC 116 A
ENG 101 B
PY 208 A
MA 305 A
Wait this is the wrong kind of blender...