Welcome to my web page! My name is Fatema

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A picture of me

My Major

I am a first year engineering student at North Caroline State University, class of 2020.
I intend to major in Electrical Engineering.

Why Electrical Engineering?

Other then it being one of the highest paying jobs, Electrical engineering is in everything and it helps make our life better and easier; Electrical engineering is connected to every other major; it makes the machines that help people do their jobs. It is a very broad field which makes it an interesting and a challenging job to have. Being an Electrical engineer would give me the chance to involve in many things and have different experiences.

My skills and qualities

Class Course Title Semester
Calculus I MA 141 Summer 2016
Calculus II MA 241 Fall 2016
Chemistry, A Molecular Science CH 101 Fall 2016
General physics Lab1 PY 206 Spring 2017
Physics for Engineers & Scientists I PY 205 Spring 2017