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Hi! My name is Francis Hernandez. I am a transfer student and a junior at NC State University, and I am majoring in Civil Engineering. I chose this major because ever since I was little I wanted to do something related to building new things or making something better. Also, I know that being a civil engineer will allow me to have a broad knowledge of things that deal with transportation, the enviornment, and the construction of buildings. This major will lead me to making a difference is my community by looking for new ways to improve our transportation system. I will one day become a Professional Engineer and work for the state of North Carolina where I was born and raised.

I currently work as an assistant engineer for the NC Department of Transportation. I started here as an intern over this past summer and I have continued to work with them as I pursue my education. I work in the Materials and Tests Unit where we complete specific inspections throughout the state of North Carolina. Some inspections include pipes, shafts, bridges, and newly paved roads. I have analyzed reinforcement rebars within a concrete slab on a newly built highway; I've used computer programs to help me analyze concrete slabs to ensure that it meets certain requirments for it to be safe for the public to travel on. I have enjoyed this job and I hope to continue learning more here and become more experienced in the transportation area.

Interesting Classes:

  1. Hydraulics
  2. Mechanics of Solids
  3. Traffic Engineering
  4. Highway Design

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