Welcome to Fahim's Webpage!

Hi, my name is Fahim Sidi and I am a freshman at North Carolina State University. The major I choose was Aerospace Engineering. I choose this major because as a child I was fasinated by airplanes. As I grew my uncle who loved flying planes also greatly influenced me. Combined with my passion to fix thing and figure things out I decided to be an Aerospace Engineer.

My favorite break from school would have to be summer break. I love summer break because of the warm weather and because it is longer break giving me loads of rest time. Moreover, the warm weather allows me to play many outdoor sports which I loved doing. It also gives me an opportunity to spend an extended amount of time with my family which lives across the country, without having to cut the trip short. Therefore, summer gives me the time and opportunity to rest and relax which the other breaks do not give me.

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When it comes to the season of college basketball I love March Madness! This is because of the all the hype and intensity it brings to the game of basketball as well as the competition of making the perfect bracket. I also love it because it's like watching a thriller, you never know what to expect with unexpected teams taking controll and unleashing their talents. It also gives college students around the country to rejoice and enjoy something as many have rigiorous schedules during the year. Moreover, I love watching a great team go through the tournment and win it all with passion and excitement for the game, unlike professionals who sometimes forget about the game because of money.

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How To Make the Greatest Sandwhich Ever!!!

  1. First get out two slices of bread, lettuce, tomatoes, sliced turkey breast, butter, mayo, and the cheese of your choosing.
  2. Using a knife cut the tomatoes and spread the butter and mayo onto the two slices of bread evenly.
  3. After applying the spread, put the cheese on both slices of bread.
  4. Now place the tomatoes and lettuce on top of the cheese on one slice.
  5. Add any other sauces you desire now, I like to add salt and pepper.
  6. Place the second slice of bread on top of the slice with the meat on it and Enjoy!

  7. Spring Semester 2013 Grades

    Class Expected Grade
    Economics 205 A+
    Differential Equations A
    Physics 205 A
    Chemistry 201 A