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My name is Frederic Graumann and I am a Freshman at NC State University with and intended major of Chemical Engineering. Chemical engineering has interested me since I was very young. It was the appeal of creating something from other things, and forming solid structures from liquids. When you think about it, everything is chemistry and so I am curious about the world itself. Chemical Engineering seemed like the right course for someone who wanted to see the basic paths of life and explore the fundemental parts of the world. I have also always loved the feeling of excitement when working with chemicals and when mixing chemicals to create something new.

My favorite hobby is something that I started to do when I started college, and that is to Row. I joined the Rowing Club at NC State in my first fall semester at NC State and have been with them ever since. It is a great workout and the people are really fun too. One of the great things about rowing is going out early in the morning when there is still fog on the lake and the sun is rising in the distance, while the water is flat. Rowing is the definition of a team sport because you spend your time close to usually three to seven other people who share the boat with you and together you work to push forward. It is exhilarating because you are turned around and so for the entire time you get to see where you have been.

Favorite Website Check out my Resume.
Favorite Sandwhich
  1. Toast two slices of bread lightly
  2. place two slices of turkey breast on one side
  3. place one slice of american cheese on the turkey breast
  4. add tomatoes and lettuce to the cheese
  5. lightly smear mayonaise on the other half of toast
  6. combine the two halves into the finished sandwhich

Predicted Grades
Classes Grade
Chem 201 A
MA 242 B
E 115 S
PY 205 A
The view while Rowing