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Faiz Mohamed

My name is Faiz Javeed Mohamed, and I am in the class of 2021. My intended major is chemical engineering, I chose this major because chemistry and math are my favourite subjects. Another reason why I chose this major is because it has a good starting salary and job security.

I am currently unemployed, However, I am looking for a summer internship to gain experience and new skills. I would like to work for a big company that is into renewable sources of energy, such as Tesla. Elon Musk, Tesa's CEO is one of my role models, his drive and successful career have been things I've looked up to. Although I'm not completely sure where I want to work, I want to be somewhere where I am making a lot of money and am happy with my life.

My Favourite Classes

Club Name Link to website
American Institute of Chemical Engineering AICHE
Freestyle Football Club FFC