My name is Felipe Riedener. I will be graduating in 2017, and it will be in mechanical engineering. I had initially thought towards mechanical engineering since I was 5, where I absolutely adored putting things together and seeing make something new, and posibly functional. I'm not all that focused on other majors, to tell the truth. Maybe architecture.

My favourite break from school usually is spring break. It's the joy of relaxing and enjoying our own time as we see fit, hopefully without needing to finish school tasks. That is mainly because the temperature is rising once again. Extra sleep is always a plus as well. Seeing the new colors arise out of the greyness and dullness of winter in new life is enjoyable as well.

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  2. Gather ingredients and toppings
  3. Preheat Oven
  4. Prepare dough
  5. Prepare Tomato Paste and then put on top of dough, (or ketchup if you're lazy like me

  7. Stuff it in the oven until ready
  8. When ready, take out of oven, it will be hot
  9. Stuff Pizza in mouth until out of pizza or until satisfied
  10. If not satisfied with pizza, or not liking the flavor, make a new one.
  11. Don't wanna? Then order one
  12. Don't want to do that either, well then forget you.
E115Passing Grade
CH 101B
Calc 2B